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HTC Titan II Review

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HTC Titan IIThe word “Titan” is often used to refer something of enormous effect and power. It is quite understandable why some phone makers love to use this kind of word. So will the phone come out victorious or will it sink beneath the waves like the ill-fated Titanic? The monstrous 16Mp camera is something previously unseen in the smartphone industry. With F2.6 aperture size, the camera is equipped with dual-LED flash and 720p recording ability.

The Titan II is equipped with a mammoth screen of 4.7” S-LCD display, but the WVGA (480 x 800) resolution is obviously too low, resulting in mediocre sharpness. The 1730mAh battery is only capable of delivering 4.30 hours of talk time and 290 hours of standby time, which may not be suitable for busy professionals who use their smartphone often during the day. The Titan II uses an older processor platform, the Qualcomm Snapdragon S2 MSM8225, but with a clock rate of 1.5GHz, users should get an overall lag-free experience.

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