HTC One X Multitasking & Apps Management Issues

HTC: The One X Doesn’t Have Multitasking and Apps Management Issues

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HTC One X Multitasking & Apps Management IssuesIn the recent weeks, there have been a number of complaints on the multitasking performance of the HTC One X. The Taiwanese introduced a significant tweak on how Android 4.0 multitasking mechanism should work on the HTC One X. Unlike the vertical layout used by many Android smartphones, the horizontal list layout is the most obvious change we see. In addition, HTC One X seems to have exhibit a quirky behavior; i.e. it closes background services and apps more aggressively, affecting user experience in many cases. The change presumably intended to achieve stellar battery life, but it also frustrates some users.

HTC responded to concerns about multitasking and apps management issues in the One X. The company claimed that the multitasking mechanism is working within specified limit. Meaning, there won’t be an update coming to fix these issues, because they are considered as features not bugs. This won’t sit well with any power user, but alternatively, users can apply various workarounds such as custom ROM. For average users though, they will just have to live with it.

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