HTC Rolls Out New Firmware to Improve The Photography Performance of HTC One

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HTC OneIt is reported that HTC issues a firmware update for the HTC One smartphone to improve the photography performance of the Ultrapixel-based camera. Fresh review units of the HTC One were issued to a number of news publication websites and they seem to produce clearer and sharper photos. HTC promises that the final, release versions of the HTC One will include the updated firmware.

As shown by Nokia’s PureView technology, images quality is not all about megapixel race. In reality, the software used to process the images also plays very important role. The HTC One only uses a 4Mp sensor on its back, but it’s capable of taking better pictures than typical 8Mp shooters used by many smartphone models in the market today.

HTC simply makes each individual pixel bigger; allowing in more light into the sensor, which improves performance in low-light environments. Early evaluations show that the HTC One is able to take pretty decent pictures with flash on and in macro mode.

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