HTC Releases “Mini”, A Companion Device to HTC Butterfly

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HTC MiniThose who complain about HTC Butterfly or DROID DNA being too big may appreciate the availability of the HTC Mini, a smaller NFC-capable capable handset. The Mini is designed to make the life of HTC Butterfly owners more convenient by offering a wide range of capabilities without having to pull the bigger smartphone out of their pocket.

The HTC Mini is integrated deeply with the Butterfly through Bluetooth connection to display essential information like calendar entries, missed calls and notifications from the monochrome display. It’s also possible to make phone calls through the Mini, which is routed through the HTC Butterfly. HTC Mini can become a “phone finder” tool if somehow you manage to lose the HTC Butterfly.

When the Butterfly is connected to a TV set via the HDMI out port, the Mini can also work as a remote control. The HTC Mini is clearly is rather nice idea and can prove useful for owners of HTC Butterfly who plan to use their phones for more than a year.

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