HTC One X Photo Challenge

HTC Posted the One X Photo Challenge

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HTC One X Photo ChallengeThe HTC One X has received numerous rave reviews and HTC wants to take advantage of that. The Taiwanese phone makers has issued a challenge asking if people can distinguish photos shot by the HTC One X and those snapped by a professional digital camera. The high-end smartphone features an 8Mp rear-facing camera with an aperture of f/2.0 and a LED flash. While shooting 1080p videos, the camera can maintain autofocus continuously. The HTC One lineup offers rapid deployment with the camera app boots up fully 0.7 seconds after being tapped and autofocus acquired in just 0.2 seconds. Users can get high quality images in dim environment.

With these improvements, HTC seems confident that people won’t be able to easily distinguish between photos taken using the HTC One X and those taken using a professional digital camera.  However, some visitors complained that the implementation is a bit unfair. Determining the actual quality is difficult at times, as images aren’t scaled to a sufficiently large size.

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