HTC One XL – Upcoming HTC Smartphone

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HTC One XLCompared to the One X, the One XL is identical except for a few important differences. First, the One XL supports 4G network or specifically the 1800MHz band. Also the One XL is a less powerful handset, which uses only dual-core processor, instead of the quad-core power pack used in the One X. The One XL also has half of the internal storage (16GB), instead of 32GB found in the One X. For most users, dual-core processor is fast enough, while providing longer battery life. However, some users may be unwilling to live with such a limited amount of storage as the One XL doesn’t come with an external memory card.

Overall, the difference ends here; it also has the same huge 4.7” Super-IPS LCD display with 1280×720 resolution, 8Mp rear-facing camera with BSI (backside-illuminated) sensor and a NFC (Near Field Communication) chip. Just like other One phones, the camera is still the key feature and the dedicated image chip allows for higher image quality, better colors and less noise. Users can find a wide range of software-based improvements too, for example, they can jump directly into the camera interface from the lock screen. The double shutter technology allows HTC One XL to shoot HD videos and take still photos simultaneously. It is also possible to take still images from a video.  The comprehensive photography solution allows the One XL to take a photograph in 0.7 second, while auto focus can be completed in just 0.2 second.

HTC hasn’t revealed availability and pricing details for the handset, but it would be released in Telstra in a few months.

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