HTC One X Review

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HTC One XThis is exactly what analysts and consumers are expecting to see from the Taiwanese phone maker this year. At MWC, its newest smartphones simply tick all the boxes. Other than HTC One S and V, the X is set to be HTC’s next flagship. The phone offers a huge 4.7” HD screen, the latest Android and HTC Sense versions, as well as a powerful quad-core processor. Its Beats Audio, enhanced photography solution and the improved cloud storage will surely appeal many potential consumers. Consumers would appreciate the polycarbonate material, which is also used by Nokia Lumia 800 and N9. Obviously, this is a fitting material to be used on the HTC One X as well. The One X doesn’t seem to be too different compared to other HTC’s designs, however the improved photography features are high on the wish list.

The phone comes with a dedicated imaging microchip (HTC Image Chip), which allows the phone to snap bursts of stunning images in quick succession. For a smartphone, being able to produce high-quality photo in less than two seconds is definitely a major accomplishment.  The dedicated image chip gives the 8Mp camera the ability to perform continuous bursts, which is useful to capture fast-moving objects, like children or racing car. The Nvidia Tegra 3 chipset is a powerful system, which will also be used by the LG Optimus 4X. Nvidia boldly claimed that its new solution will bring higher battery efficiency, without sacrificing performance.

With the One X, HTC is at much better position to steal some market share from Apple and Samsung, especially if the phone is priced competitively against iPhone 4S and Galaxy Nexus as well as Galaxy S2 variants.

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