HTC Offers Consumers to Trade In Old iPhone Units With urBeats Headset

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HTC One XIf you are lucky to have an old iPhone unit lying around somewhere inside your house, then HTC has an interesting offer for you. The Taiwanese company is trading in $99 worth of urBeats headsets for an old iPhone unit if you buy the new HTC One X. This offer also covers the first generation iPhone, released in 2007. Consumers can even trade in their iPhone 4S or iPhone 5, although it is quite unlikely to happen. This is just one of HTC efforts to recapture some market share it once has before Samsung dominated the Android market.

Many iPhone users want to get rid of their old devices and don’t want to fall into the hassles of publishing online ads to find a buyer. HTC’s only condition is that the phone should be in a perfectly working condition with no damages to the display. This should be easy requirements to fill and if you are planning to switch from iPhone 3GS/4/4S to HTC One X, then fill the form in HTC’s trade-up webpage.

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