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HTC is Releasing Screenshot of a Siri-like Feature

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HTC Voice AssistantHTC tossed up a screenshot on their official social network pages teasing fans with a rival to Apple’s Siri and Samsung’s S-Voice. Curiously, the Taiwanese company stated that the feature is only for dogs. After the release of Samsung and Apple’s voice-assistant, the feature has become a hotly discussed and debated topic as of late. Months after Apple introduced Siri, Google also announced that it’s preparing their own voice-helper feature, codenamed Project Majel. The feature will be unveiled at next week’s Google I/O event and it is still unclear whether Majel will be supported by Jelly Bean (Android 4.1).

HTC’s “top secret” project looks very similar to other voice assistant features, allowing users to get weather updates and arrange appointments using voice commands. Unfortunately, after receiving a wave of comments in its social network pages, HTC, represented by Jeff Gording confirmed that the feature was indeed fake. Whether the HTC’s voice assistant is real or not, it will surely raise some speculation in coming weeks.

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