HTC Portable Media Player

HTC is Preparing a Portable Media Player

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HTC Portable Media PlayerFor one decade, HTC has been offering us many mobile devices and it may be looking to add one more product type in its large portfolio. Reports revealed that HTC may be planning to release a phone-less handheld device or a media player that use Wi-Fi, instead of 3G or 4G to connect to the Internet. It will likely compete against the likes of Samsung Galaxy Player and Apple iPod Touch. Apple is dominating the portable media player market with its iPod family, which is similar in capability with the iPhone. It runs any iOS apps, handle gaming and playback videos; however iPod Touch and Galaxy Player lack the cellular connectivity.

However, HTC’s mobile player will be more than a cheaper smartphone that can’t make a call. A patent application filed by HTC suggests that it will be centered heavily around multimedia capabilities. Previously, the company offers a kickstand for the Evo 4G and the new media player might also have a built-in stand allowing people to watch and view multimedia files more comfortably. The device will also have stereo speakers to provide richer experience. The enhanced audio capability shouldn’t come as a surprise as the company has partnered with audio companies SRS Wow and Dolby to deliver exceptional audio quality. The company is working with Beats Audio to maintain its advantage and it is safe to assume that we will see a powerful media player with Beats Audio and booming side speakers.

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