HTC One S Offering Unit Exchange With Chipped Casing

HTC is Offering Unit Exchange for One S with Chipped Casing

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HTC One S Offering Unit Exchange With Chipped CasingA couple of days ago, the news broke that some owners of HTC One S reported they’ve spotted silvery marks on the casing of their brand new phones. Edges of the phone casing would chipped in just a few days after purchase, which is believed to caused by the supposedly “extremely durable” ceramic nanocoating. The thin nanocoating layer is intended to protect the One S from drops and bumps, but apparently with only some rubs and nudges, noticeable marks began to appear on random places, especially on the edges. The layer is essentially made from ceramic bonded to aluminum, which already sounds quite brittle to us. The chipping won’t affect the functions of the phone, but the unsightly marks make the otherwise new dual-core smartphone looks dilapidated and worn out. A growing number of owners pressed HTC to release an official statement.

Finally, HTC stated that the problem has been few and isolated; and the company assured that they are always committed to deliver great experience high quality products to customers. The company also said that the technology has been tested in laboratory to withstand repeated abuse. However, although hard and tough, HTC said that it isn’t impossible to damage the coating. HTC further stated that they are taking this issue very seriously and will issue immediate fix to affected users, HTC is now offering a full unit exchange or repair the units under the warranty agreement. The exchange offer is only applicable one month of the fault being noticed.

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