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HTC is Cancelling Plans for Smartphones with Bigger Battery in Favor for Thinner Design

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HTC Thinner DesignCustomers sometimes need to choose between thin, sleek phones or thicker phones with bigger battery. HTC decided to shelf designs of future handsets with bigger battery to respond to consumers’ requests. HTC planned to release a phone that can compete with the long lasting Motorola Droid RAZR MAXX, but now the Taiwanese phone maker opts for handsets with thinner battery. This will allow them to deliver the awesome and sleek handsets like what we’re seeing in the market today in the HTC One lineup. The HTC One X lasts reasonably long with its 1800 mAh battery, but it doesn’t compare with the Droid RAZR MAXX, with the huge 3300 mAh. However, considering that Motorola’s handset uses LTE connectivity, no doubt, some users will appreciate the bigger battery, to maintain acceptable operational time.

Current battery technology still doesn’t allow for a smartphone with 3300 mAh to be sufficiently slim, so HTC choose to settle in the middle. The One S is one of HTC’s thinnest smartphone and it still manages to deliver good longevity thanks to the energy efficient Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 dual-core chip under the hood. The One X measures 8.9mm thick and the One S is at 7.8mm. These phones were developed based on a survey performed in early 2011. The result was so overwhelmingly in favor for thinner device to the point where HTC removed 3000mAh smartphones permanently from its roadmap. So it appears we won’t be seeing a HTC smartphone with a big battery anytime soon, instead HTC’s future smartphone may still use 1800mAh battery or slightly higher to keep things sleek.

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