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HTC Introduces a Solution to Android Patent Infringement

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HTC ApplePreviously, a US trade authority ruled that Apple has the ownership to one-tap screen commands approach, which is definitely an advantage for Apple in the ongoing patent brawl. The ITC (International Trade Commissions) ordered HTC to stop bringing devices that infringe the patent into the U.S. effective on April 2012. Due to this development, HTC are seeking to adapt its Android devices to sidestep the patent before the date arrives.

The move may force HTC to remove some features Android users currently enjoy. The patent relates to touching the display only once to activate a task, such as tapping a number to place a call or a link to follow the URL. The ruling is deemed final and will be reviewed by government officials, who are unlikely to overrule it.

In recent months, tech giants have relentlessly pounded one another with a series of patent lawsuits. HTC and other manufacturers of Android devices have been accused of infringing a number of Apple’s patents. HTC is the most popular Android manufacturers in many countries and consequently Google transferred some of its patents to provide HTC with limited legal protection and to allow the Taiwanese company to come up with a workable solution. Microsoft also joined the legal battle by accusing Google of illegally implementing its patented technology.

Despite challenges it is currently facing, Android is still growing in size, with more than 50 percent smartphones sold in Q3 2011 powered by Google’s mobile solution. Google purchased Motorola’s Mobility with its trove of patents for US$12.5 billion, this move have strengthened Google position considerably, although it may not still be enough to deter Apple, Microsoft, Oracle and other companies.

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