HTC Windows 8 Tablet

HTC Could Be Excluded From Releasing Initial Windows 8 Tablets

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HTC Windows 8 TabletA recent report said that HTC may be locked out of a group of device makers set to release early Windows 8 products. The struggling Taiwanese phone maker reported 35 percent of decline in revenue for the Q1 2012 and according to an unnamed source; the company won’t participate in the initial launch of the new OS version. Microsoft may be concerned that HTC doesn’t perform well enough in the market or have enough experience developing proper tablets. Asked to comment, Microsoft reiterated that HTC is a strong partner, but it declined to confirm on the report.

An area of disagreement could be on the extent of which the Taiwanese company could make modification on the Windows 8 homescreen. Windows OS is always a closed source platform and Microsoft might not agree on HTC’s plans for highly customized homescreen.

However, HTC responded by denying that they’re not allowed to get an early start for releasing Windows RT tablets. The company stated that it will continue working with Microsoft in developing future products. HTC further stated that it has shipped more than 40 million WP devices and it is committed to work on future devices running the platform.

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