HP Windows 8 Tablets

HP Will Release Windows 8 Tablets This Year

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HP Windows 8 TabletsOnce again, Hewlett-Packard (HP) is jumping into the tablet fray. At Shanghai, the US-based company has been touting its plan for a reentry into the tablet space; this time around with slates running the Windows 8 OS. It won’t be the computer giant’s first foray into the sector. In summer 2011, HP released the short-lived TouchPad, but in just a few months, it was already reducing the price drastically to clear up the inventory. Later, HP announced that webOS will be released as an open-source mobile platform, similar to Android.

HP has been using Microsoft Windows for its desktops and laptops for many years; so perhaps Windows 8-powered TouchPad would fare far better. It may receive positive receptions, especially among loyal HP desktop and notebook customers.   The Windows 8 will come with the highly-praised Metro UI and compatibility with ARM-based devices. Windows 8 tablets will provide much better integration with Windows 8 PCs, than slates running iOS and Android. In addition, it can fill the void other platforms have been unable to. With proper positioning and pricing, HP’s upcoming tablets may put a dent on Apple iPad sales.

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