HP Slate 500

HP’s Failed Tablet Is The Reason Behind Surface Tablet Development

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HP Slate 500An interesting story is circulating today that the failure of HP’s Windows 7 tablet has direct connection to Microsoft’s attempt to release its own branded tablet. Apparently, it began after CES 2010, when Steve Ballmer introduced a Windows 7 tablet, the HP Slate 500. It had been put together by HP and Microsoft as a joint effort to directly compete with the iPad. Apparently, the project fell apart as HP struggled with the reality on how poorly-optimized a desktop OS for a touch-based device.

This situation, combined with the disappointing market performance of Windows Mobile smartphones has led the software giant to revamp its mobile platform. Apparently, Microsoft has taken previous experiences home; by releasing Windows RT, a version of Windows 8, that’s fully optimized for ARM-based tablets. With Windows 8/RT platform, Microsoft is embarking on a new hardware odyssey.

On the other hand, frustrated by Microsoft’s sub-par mobile solution, HP had acquired Palm in an attempt to gain more flexibility for their mobile aspiration.

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