Nokia Windows 8 Tablet

How Nokia’s Tablet Will Affect the Tablet Market?

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Nokia Windows 8 TabletWith its Lumia handsets, Nokia is staging a comeback in the smartphone market and this year, it will bring out a Windows 8-powered tablet. It’s the first time we’ve heard an announcement about Nokia’s tablet. It’s reported that the tablet will be powered by a dual-core processor and it will have a large 10” display. Firefox might be included with the tablet as Mozilla has stated that it will release a special Firefox version for the tablet.

Microsoft is working to optimize the Metro UI for the tablet and the new OS might be released in Q3 2012. While many manufacturers announced their support for the new OS, Nokia might be the first to include it. In the 2013 tablet arena, we might eventually see a stiff competition between iOS, Android and Windows Phone. Android is currently the chief rival to iOS and Nokia’s involvement in the highly competitive market would further heat it up.

The iPad continue to dominate the market, while many of those so-called Android-powered iPad killers didn’t bring anything significant to the industry. Hopes are resting on Nokia’s tablet and if it will choose a different approach to what Android is taking now, it may truly bring a refreshing change. It is interesting to note that some websites reported that Lenovo will be the first to release a Windows 8 tablet, but they didn’t provide any further details on the rumor. Asus and HP are also keen on adopting Windows 8 on their mobile devices. Still, Nokia still has the biggest chance of being the first to release the table given the fact that it is Microsoft’s closest partner in the mobile industry.

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