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Hacked Google Wallet can now be Installed on a Non-Rooted Galaxy Nexus

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Google WalletGoogle Nexus users can now add Google Wallet service without rooting their devices. The older method requires the phone to be rooted to allow the installation of the hacked app. The app is now available in the Internet and it was first shared by a member of XDA-Developers forum. However, the app only works on Galaxy Nexus with Android 4.0.2 and if your phone didn’t see the update, you should flash it yourself. The earlier method worked quite well and the non-root installation method should work even better.

The Google Wallet offers the convenience of making your phone as a wireless transaction terminal. In conjunction with the NFC (Near Field Communication) technology, the Galaxy Nexus has become one of the first solutions for wireless payment using NFC and a mobile device. However, some countries have implemented this technology successfully before the Galaxy Nexus was released.

Currently, Verizon is the exclusive carrier to distribute Galaxy Nexus in the United States. Verizon hasn’t pre-installed the service due to some security concerns. However, this could be an attempt to remove the competition for Verizon’s own payment solution, which will be implemented in 2012. Some observes believe that the carrier may have just violated the open access requirements and there might be a heated debate in 2012 when Verizon’s payment solution is finally released. This is surely a disadvantage of purchasing a locked device, as you’re forced to accept carrier’s business policies. In short, if you want the complete features of Galaxy Nexus, buy an unlocked one.

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