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Google’s Virtual Assistant Will Simply Be Called the Assistant

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Google AssistantLast year, the media reported that an assistant service for Android was under development in response to Siri. Later, we learned that Majel was the codename for the project and sources told us that its launch was imminent. Months passed without new details leaked, until TechCrunch revealed that the virtual assistant will be (unimaginatively) called as the Assistant. Google officials revealed that they will use different approach than Apple’s Siri. Their approach is to build an assistant that acts like the iconic female-voiced computer in the starship Enterprise. Google’s Assistant will be more precise and offer more information.

Sources said that the Assistant will have three parts:

  • Convert information from data bank into a format Android can understand
  • The implementation of personalization layer that matches user characteristic
  • The implementation of Assistant (Do Engine) that is more about achieving real-life goals than returning search results

“Do engine” is a sophisticated system as it can respond to questions that incorporate many variables and return precise answers. People will ask increasingly more complex questions; instead of asking about the nearest café, they may ask things like; when they should sow seeds in a specific geographical location given that winter is longer. This is a genuine question that needs a valid answer.

Google might decide to delay the release of Majel to add features currently not available in Siri. Analysts expect that the Assistant will become an integrated service of the Jelly Bean (Android 5.0), although there’s a possibility that it would be rolled out gradually in smaller pieces.

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