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Google’s Snapseed Will Soon Arrive to Android Devices

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Google SnapseedGoogle bought Nik Software back in September, including a proprietary photo editing app called Snapseed. This would only mean that the app will not only arrive to Android community, but Snapseed will be getting some kind of integration in future OS versions. A quick look on Google+ would reveal that Google’s employees have experimented with new app and some pictures are actually uploaded using Snapseed.

It is unknown as to what type of approach the search engine giant would take to blend Snapseed into its online and mobile network. But a tighter integration with Android OS will result in a much richer social networking experience.

Google has been trying to compete against Facebook’s domination in social networking industry and Snapseed will be one of centerpieces in Google’s effort. This is surely a response to Facebook’s acquisition of Instagram, which provides seamless experience on any touch-based mobile device. Instagram was purchased for $715 million last month and Google itself didn’t disclose the value of Nik Software’s acquisition, but it is likely to be much smaller.

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