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Google Will Unveil its Tablet in the I/O Event

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Google TabletGoogle is planning to release its own self-branded tablet to counter tablets released by Apple, Samsung and Microsoft. Like their previous smartphones, Google’s tablet will also carry the Nexus name and it may take the spotlight at Google I/O event. The Asus-Google tablet is expected to hit store for between $200 and $250. Google will release new tablet amid a stampede of products from Apple, Samsung, Microsoft, Amazon and others. The search engine giant may try to show the industry about how to make a proper Android tablet.  It is aiming to reignite interest in Android tablets and prove skeptics wrong. The timing is also critical as Microsoft will soon release its Surface tablet.

Users of Android devices have suffered because mobile carriers and hardware makers vary widely in how to deliver OS updates to devices. Also, due to lower profit margin, interest in apps for Android tablets is still lagging among developers. At this moment, Google still declines to comment on its tablet.

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