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Google will Release the Nexus Tablet

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Google Nexus TabletThough Google hasn’t been able to release highly successful smartphones, the Nexus lineup has been used as a standard for other Android devices, since the version 2.0 was released. A Google Nexus device is a showcase of how Android should seamlessly interact with hardware, simply the way Google wanted it to be. Nexus devices become the testing ground for latest innovations and they provide manufacturers a model of how handsets should work within the Android environment. However, Google skipped a version, and there was no a Nexus model for the Android 3.0 (Honeycomb). Motorola Xoom was the best we got and although it doesn’t use the name Nexus, it was intended to serve a similar purpose. The Xoom was developed in a close cooperation with Google and the tablet use a stock, unmodified version of Honeycomb. Just like other Nexus devices, XOOM is always the first to receive incremental updates. Despite all of this, Motorola’s tablet is never considered as a device that officially carries that Nexus brand.

Enter Android 4.0, designed to combine the tablets and smartphone genealogy and finally there were a few rumors on possible Nexus tablet. In fact, Eric Schmidt hinted that his company is working on a “Google Experience Tablet” and it will be available for consumers in six months. However, Schmidt might try to say that he expects all major manufacturers will release Android 4.0 tablets within six months. Even so, Google’s official tablet is still a possibility. Nexus devices never saw huge commercial success, so it is safe to assume that Google Nexus tablet won’t become an iPad killer.

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