Google Chrome For iOS

Google will Release Chrome for iOS

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Google Chrome For iOSAnalysts believe that Google’s browser, Chrome, is making its way to iOS-based devices. The browser will allow Google to reduce the amount of search advertising fee. Google Chrome is well received among desktop users, while the beta version for Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0) received positive reception. Unfortunately, the mobile environment is nothing like the PC desktop market. Apple doesn’t allow user-defined browsers; but it does allow 3rd party browsers such as Dolphin HD and Opera. On the other hand, Android devices allow users to set default browser, which makes it very easy to switch from the feature-limited stock browser.

Chrome for iOS would be a boon for users of Chrome on desktops and laptops, which allows for easier synching. Unfortunately, without the ability to set it as a default browser, Chrome for iOS has no chance of gaining enough traction among iOS users. Nevertheless, users of jailbroken iPhone can change the default browser setting, but they are only a tiny fraction of the large iOS-user community.

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