Google will Release a rival to Siri

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MajelGoogle is planning to implement a significant upgrade to its voice recognition assistant, which is similar in functions to Siri. The new technology will also incorporate natural language to perform the desired actions.

The technology, codenamed ‘Majel’, allows users to give verbal commands, using keywords such as “find the nearest gas station”.  Google will focus on the search queries first and its capability will be expanded to include application and phone control.

Majel will be released in early months of 2012, although some rumors indicated that the voice recognition technology will be available before the 2011 ends.  When future Android phones finally feature Majel, pundits will eventually gush over its capabilities and compare them to Apple’s offering.  Siri is proven to be effective in aiding users to perform various tasks, such as making calls, setting reminders, sending messages and others.  It was released as a component of the new iOS ,  along with 200 other enhancements, including Twitter integration and notification center.

Since Siri was first unveiled, there have been plenty of ramblings and rumors around, about a direct competitor to Siri.  After Google’s mediocre Voice Action, Vlingo and Iris, the general consensus was that none can really match Siri in terms of accuracy and versatility. It appears Majel needs to provide the similar level of integration, depth and polish. Majel may simply layer natural language above the Voice Action’s technology, which allows users to speak much more naturally.  As the result, Google’s solution will be able to give users more succinct answers.

Google Prepping Answer to Apple’s Siri: Majel

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