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Google Play Store Gets A Significant 137 Percent Increase in Revenue

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Google Play StoreRecent reports revealed that Google Play store has its revenue increased by 137 percent between January and July 2013. This could easily mean that Google has finally found an effective way to convert average Android device owners into regular paying customers. Such leaps in conversion rates and revenue are good, not just for app developers and Google, but also for customers in the long run.

Google takes a small percentage of app sales, which could be used to further improve Android OS, Google Play store and other mobile-related services. Customers will benefit from the fact that app developers are getting more money to invest for future projects. App developers generally find it more profitable to monetize their apps through direct purchases instead of the usual advertising model.

On average, 800 new apps are submitted to Google Play store and this would give users more variety. Things will get more interesting in Google Play store and it will continue to deliver numerous useful software-based solutions.

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