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Google Nexus TabletFor those waiting for too long for Google’s own Nexus Tablet could be elated to know that the device is finally in sight. According numerous sources, Google is on course in the development stages and the tablet would finally arrive in July this year, at the latest. In addition, rumor has it that Google has set out the figures of initial production and shipment, totaling 600,000 units in the initial wave. Many expect that the tablet would be given the Nexus moniker, continuing the standard naming of Google-branded smart devices. The release of the Google Nexus Tablet could coincide with the release of Jelly Bean (Android 5.0), though the adoption rate of Ice Cream Sandwich (Android) is still less than satisfying. If the Google Nexus tablet will use Jelly Bean, it will be highly appealing for avid Android fans, perhaps even for some iPad users.

Google co-developed previous Nexus smartphones with HTC and Samsung. It appears the Internet giant refrained from playing favorites this year, though it has recently acquisitioned the Motorola Mobility. Indications are strong that we will be seeing an Asus/Google Nexus tablet and it is earmarked for a stunningly attractive price tag of $200 or lower.

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