Google Nexus Smartphones Could Be Vulnerable to Flash SMS Attack

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Google Nexus SmartphonesA new vulnerability has been discovered and it seems to affect only Google Nexus smartphones. This may not be considered as a particularly serious vulnerability, but can still cause many disruptions. An expert unveiled this security glitch in Romania recently and the issue may lead attackers to reboot Nexus devices using SMS methods.

The attack is based on the Flash SMS or Class 0 SMS, which immediately shows messages on top of other interface elements. It’s showed that attackers may reboot or freeze the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, Nexus 4 and Nexus 5 by sending more than thirty Flash SMS messages; if users don’t dismiss them quickly enough. Fortunately, that’s the most serious consequence of this attack.

It’s a good thing that there are apps that allow users to limit how much Flash SMS their smartphone can receive within a specific time. This should be a simple way to fix the issue. Experts have tested multiple non-Nexus Android devices and none has similar vulnerability.

In reality, the issue has been discovered about a year ago and Google promised to include the fix with Android 4.3. But apparently, Google didn’t fix that with the last Jelly Bean release. When Google was contacted again about the issue, a representative from the company simply said that the company thanks anyone who brought the possible issue and they are still investigating it.

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