OAuth2 for Android

Google is Planning to Release OAuth2 Authentication for Android

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OAuth2 for AndroidThere’s one recurring requirement with passwords, they should be very complicated and long, consisted of symbols, letters and numbers. But mere mortals like us often find that they are hard to memorize and unpractical. In addition, typing alternating characters of uppercases, lowercases, numbers and symbols can be tedious on small virtual keyboards. Google are seeking to remedy this situation by bringing out a set of specialized development tools to fully improve login process.

In an official blog post, Google announced a new web standard called OAuth2, which makes improvements in this area possible. The more effort allocated for OAUth2, the easier it would be for users. The bottom line is, Android users will only need to type their long password only once and they can automatically log into various services associated the password. It is quite possible that the new authentication method will be used on other areas in Google’s ecosystem. This would allow integration between Chrome browser on PC and built-in Google services in Android.

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