Google Game Center for Android

Google is Planning to Create Game Center for Android

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Google Game Center for AndroidVarious sources revealed that Google is working on a service similar to Apple’s Game Center, which allows users to get latest updates, connect with other players, upload scores and do other tasks. Matchmaking for multiplayer games and leaderboards for single player games are two important features of Apple’s Game Center, so it’s likely Google will create something that can match them. Apple’s Game Center works nicely because it acts as a centralized hub for various high quality games and Google’s version won’t be well accepted if it only supports mediocre titles.

Google Play does feature some good games and it receives support from top publishers like Rovio and EA. Still, Apple’s App Store is a preferred choice for many game developers due to better profitability. In fact, there were reports about developers pulling out of Google’s environment in favor of Apple’s for a number of reasons.  Google’s Game Center might draw more game developers and better games, but there is still no guarantee. The Internet giant definitely needs to quickly escape from the current chicken-and-egg dilemma.

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