Google Project Glass

Google Introduces the Project Glass Technology

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Google Project GlassHolding a smartphone in front of your face could someday be outdated. Google recently revealed a pair of slim glasses that allow users to have emails, weather information, music, texts and other information beamed to their field of vision. This is the basic concept behind Google Project Glass and it puts the user interface of your smartphone into a pair of Doc Brown-style glasses, which include voice-activated commands. The technology is still in the development stage and it comes from the so-called Google X, the Google’s secret lab. Officials from the company said that the project was aimed to help users share and explore their world and put them back into the moment. Google revealed the technology because they want to start a discussion and learn from consumers. A few design photographs and a video were shown to help the public understand what the technology could do and would look like.

In the video, a user of Project Glass glasses looks down and many familiar Google icons appear before him – Google+, time, calendar, location, chat, camera and others. A reminder pops up about a scheduled meeting and as he is eating breakfast, text messages come in. He speaks a reply and sends it off immediately without leaving his egg and cheese for a second. An alert notification about subway disruption shows up when he leaves the house, so he can choose an alternate route. He asks Project Glass to remind him to buy concert tickets when he sees a concert, Arriving at a bookstore he ask for the location of his friend, who probably also have an Android device with him and finds that the friend is 400 feet away. It doesn’t appear that this technology is an elaborate April Mop joke, but before an official announcement issued about release date, we probably won’t see it hit the shelves anytime soon.

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