Android 4.0 Nexus S

Google Delays Android 4.0 Update for Nexus S

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Android 4.0 Nexus SIt’s far too common in the Android ecosystem, a vendor gets a bum rap due to delays in update process, which leaves many users wondering whether they’ll ever get an update. They are so many factors involved in the update process that it takes far too long to come up with a reliable update. Those who never see how bad an update process can be should take a look at Nexus S’ case. Apparently, Google decided to delay the update due to unexpected issues. If you previously notified for an update to Android 4.0 but now it’s no longer available, then Google is suspending the update for your area. Some users reported that various new problems appear when they applied the Ice Cream Sandwich update. These include rapid battery drain and loss of wireless signal. Nexus isn’t a new handset and it preceded the current Galaxy Nexus.  Google previously released an update to Gingerbread for the phone and now, it’s tanking on the Android 4.0 update.

Obviously, Google knows its hardware in detail and if Google can’t update its own device reliably, then what chance do other phone manufacturers have? Nexus S is Google’s device and it supposes to showcase how Android OS should work with a smartphone. Nexus S users who haven’t applied the update should consider themselves lucky as they can let others to deal with bugs first. Curiously, the homebrew community fares batters, as some users can enjoy the unofficial Ice Cream Sandwich build on their Nexus S without problems. This could mean that officially, Galaxy Nexus is the only Android 4.0 device in 2011.

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