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Google: Android and Chrome OS Will Eventually Converge

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Samsung ChromeboxDuring the unveiling of Samsung Chromebox and ChromeBox; Linus Upson, Google’s vice president of engineering said that his company is no longer working on Chrome OS for tablet. Instead, Google is pursuing a slow convergence between Android and Chrome OS. The move isn’t surprising as the Android team already have their hands full trying to bring great experiences for smartphone and tablet consumers. However, Apple’s success with iOS and is a good example why a company doesn’t have to implement a unified platform for all devices. So it doesn’t mean that there will be a single platform spread across multiple devices in Google’s perspective.

Upson said that Google is determined to define what’s right for end-users and the company is figuring out how to build proper user experience based on that. Technology stacks on desktops and laptops are very different to tablets and smartphones, as are expectations among users. That’s why major companies like Microsoft and Apple are using two different solutions.

The first step of convergence is the use of Chrome browser for Android 4.0 devices, although it is also available on Apple and Microsoft-based devices.

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