Google Acquires Clever Sense to Boost the Recommendation Service

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Google’s upcoming voice recognition technology might include personalized entertainment suggestions as the Internet giant recently acquired Clever Sense, which provides AI recommendation service. The company previously released Alfred, a recommendation tool for restaurant, with suggestions that match user preferences. It combines machine-learning and artificial intelligence to improve search result over time.

Clever Sense’s development team will be integrated with Google’s local service division.  Together, they can accelerate their efforts toward shared goals. Users and businesses often find it necessary to discover local information and Google’s recent acquisition will make this possible.  Siri highly appreciated feature is its ability locate a nearby place based on parameters set by users.  However, Clever Sense’s technology allows Majel to go one step further by learning individual preferences and tastes to make more accurate recommendation.

Clever Sense will become one of the Google’s forefront technologies for developing an effective recommendation engine that connect users by delivering personalized and sophisticated information, at the right place and the right time.   Google is widely known for its vast online advice, the use of Majel and Clever Sense technology can bring a level of integration never seen before in the mobile industry.

Clever Sense can also learn from application interactions, such as by collecting data on how users use Twitter, Google+ and Facebook apps. It still isn’t clear how Apple will react to this development.  Clever Sense technology is not something that can be replicated easily by Apple’s development team.

Google is expanding again by acquiring internet-tech company Clever Sense. The tech start-up is a provider of a platform that curates information availably on the Web to increase connectivity and personalized experiences for the internet consumer. Read More on YouTube

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