iPad Dominate the Tablet Market Until 2016

Gartner: iPad Will Continue Dominate the Tablet Market Until 2016

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iPad Dominate the Tablet Market Until 2016The tablet market would look roughly the same through 2006, according to new analysis results issued by Gartner Research. The firm reported that Apple will continue to be the most influential brand in the tablet market. In 2016, Gartner believes nearly 170 million iPads will be sold, which is four times what Apple sold in 2011. The study revealed that so far, the iPad has been the only device to see any success in the tablet market. Even the international launch of Amazon Kindle Fire and the roll out of Windows 8 devices later this year wouldn’t be enough to dislodge the iPad from the pole position for another 4 years. Despite phone vendors and PC manufacturers wanting a slice of the pie and hurling themselves into the competitive tablet market, so far they couldn’t match Apple’s achievements.

Looking forward, the firm predicts that Windows 8 tablets will have more success among enterprise customers, where professionals are more likely to stick with a platform they’re familiar with. Gartner projects consumers will purchase 43.6 million Windows-powered tablets in 2016. Also, despite a significant decline in market share, RIM will sell 17.8 million tablets in 2016, but you shouldn’t hold your breath for this one. Android will continue to grow, although limited availability of tablet-specific apps and fragmentation are the main burdens on the sales of Android-powered tablets. Gartner Research projects Android to have 31.7 percent share year, slowly growing to 37 percent four years later, in 2016.

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