Gameklip PS3 Controller

Gameklip Combines PS3 Controller With Android Smartphones

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Gameklip PS3 ControllerNo matter how exciting and enticing new high-end Android games are, onscreen controllers often spoil our enjoyment. Despite the use of well-designed control layout and high-performance hardware, touchscreen repeatedly fail to deliver the much-anticipated feel and leave a lot to be desired.

Our relentless desire for the best gaming experience possible could finally be put to rest with a new solution offered by Gameklip that closes the gap between gaming console and smartphones. Gameklip pairs up your Android smartphone with a PS3 controller.

When combined together, Gameklip offers a unified look and feel, which makes games like Dead Trigger, Angry Bird Space and NOVA 3 more comfortable to play. This is especially true for games that require rigorous controlling such as The Dark Knight and Real Football. There is also a future plan to release a version of Gameklip using Xbox controller and the current PS3-based version is available for only $15.

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