Galaxy Nexus is Reported to have a Volume Bug

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Users have reported that Samsung Galaxy Nexus exhibits a volume problem or better known as Self Aware Volume Ghost (SAV-Ghost), in essence, the phone simply changes volume under certain conditions. Further tests seemed to successfully isolate the problem and it could be caused by external interference from the 2G network. The issue can be replicated when a 2G device is held against Google’s latest phone. Google confirmed that the problem is caused by a software issue and a fix will be released soon. It has been widely identified that the glitch is triggered by 900MHz frequency in a 2G network. This may mean that there won’t be a massive recall to fix a hardware issue and the problem should be correctable with a simple software update. However, Google hasn’t set a definite release date. Samsung also tweeted recently that they are aware of the problem and is developing a solution. However, some analysts quick to reject this conclusion, by arguing that they can reproduce the problem under other situations, so we should still look for more clarity on this matter.

On paper, the phone is formidable, with a lightning-fast processor, an amazing 4.65” display and of course, it was the first phone with Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich). Volume issue can appear like a trivial matter, however, the smartphone is a highly competitive industry and there are already phones with similarly attractive features, such as another Samsung’s phone, the Skyrocket. There’s no doubt that Google and Samsung are working hard to come up with an effective fix, nevertheless it is a less than satisfying way to mark the phone’s 2-month birthday.

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