Future Samsung Devices Will Use Wolfson Audio Solutions

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Wolfson Audio SolutionsWolfson Microelectronics has recently signed a deal with Samsung to supply dedicated audio chips for the company’s upcoming Galaxy smartphones and tablets. The company is known as semiconductor and microelectronics firm that specializes on audio solutions. It has delivered a number of quality products in the signal processing market.

The original Galaxy S used Wolfson’s earlier audio technology, before Samsung decided to use Yamaha’s solutions for the Galaxy S2 and S3. The upcoming Samsung Galaxy S4 will sport Wolfson WM5102 audio chipset, which is promised to deliver superb audio fidelity. The new contract will last for three years and we will see more Wolfson-based chips in future Galaxy devices.

Wolfson is known for its implementation in digital audio players, Microsoft’s Zune HD and Zune 30. Its codec functionality is used in later iPod models, including iPod Touch. Its chip also found place on the Microsoft Xbox 360 gaming console and PalmOne Treo handset. Other than Samsung Galaxy S, Wolfson became the preferred solution for many Tegra 2 devices.

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