FCC Radiation Emission Standards

Future Phones May Need to Adhere to Stricter Radiation Emission Standards

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FCC Radiation Emission StandardsFCC (Federal Communications Commission) is set to review new standards for lower radiation level emitted by mobile devices. Issues related to phone radiation has been discussed quite frequently for years, but as mobile phones become more ubiquitous, they have slid out of focus. Although FCC generally considers current standards as adequate, there’s still a possibility that FCC will change the maximum allowable radiation level. FCC will be inspecting foreign mobile phone makers, which are operating in the US market. Currently, there are two top mobile devices in the US, the Samsung Electronics Co and Nokia Ovi.

FCC is revisiting concerns that high-frequency radio emission positioned near human brain could potentially cause health problems. Currently, there are no conclusive evidences that mobile phones are contributing to diseases, like cancer. However, current standards must be reviewed, because smartphones are using numerous new wireless technologies such as 4G LTE, NFC and Bluetooth 3.0. In addition, people are using mobile phones more frequently than ever, exposing them to more radiation emission at longer period of time.

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