Nvidia Tegra 3 Tablet

Future Nvidia Tegra 3 Devices Could Be Sold for Only $199

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Nvidia Tegra 3 TabletNvidia’s chief executive, Jen-hsun Huang recently stated that the quad-core platform of Nvidia Tegra 3 is affordable enough to be incorporated into tablets priced as low as $199 later this year. He said that the company managed to remove $150 worth of integrated components from Tegra 3, including expensive memory modules. If it’s true, users might finally be able to just purchase a low-cost Tegra 3 tablet at convenience stores.

Huang’s opinion seems to back up rumors that Google is preparing a tablet that will rival the 7″ Amazon’s Kindle Fire, which is sold for $199. Sporting the Nvidia Tegra 3 SOC, the tablet will be much faster than many more expensive, larger tablets sold today. Yet, last week brought more rumors from an unnamed source that Google is considering to not use Nvidia Tegra 3 due to cost considerations; consequently, the price could go down as low as $149.  True, Google hasn’t named the replacement SOC, if the Nvidia Tegra 3 is to be replaced at all.

In the US market, the Amazon Kindle Fire is the only real contender to the Apple iPad and Huang hinted that perhaps the upcoming Windows 8 tablets will do better in stealing market share from the iPad. For some users, especially professionals, Android hasn’t developed as they’d hoped and for them productivity tasks are still the primary reason why they still choose bulky desktops. Many simply want a Windows-like platform that works offers seamless integration with Microsoft’s applications and services such as the Office and Outlook. A tablet that combines Nvidia Tegra 3 and Windows 8 may not replace notebooks and desktops, but it is a step to the right direction.

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