Future Nokia Smartphones May Include Lytro-like Capability

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Nokia SmartphonesLytro is known for its “snap now and focus later” solution. Many competing companies have released apps and solutions that mimic the technology. After Toshiba, Nokia will be next challenger to Lytro as the company has allocated some money to invest in Pelican Imaging, a small startup that builds Lytro-like phone camera arrays.

The Pelican Imaging was first mentioned by the media in 2011 in a report about its camera module, that’s consisted of 25 tiny cameras that capture images separately and record depth information. These images are then used to create a single photograph with much higher quality. Initially, Pelican didn’t mention about the “shoot first and focus later” approach, it becomes quite clear that the company is working on a solution that works similarly.

In recent years, Nokia has been investing significantly on smartphone photography solutions and it generated a buzz with the PureView technology, which utilizes an impressive 41Mp camera.

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