Nokia Haptic Material

Future Nokia Devices May Use Haptic Material

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Nokia Haptic MaterialNokia may plan to put phone notification system on our hands. Put simply, Nokia’s solution may include the use of typical notification system that can be placed on users’ skin. The solution may be based on a material that can be attached to the skin and detect a magnetic field.

Basically, the attached material can vibrate when it receives specific signal from the phone. The solution may use something similar to ferromagnetic powder that can react to the magnetic field. The material can be tattooed or painted to the skin as the patent application may suggest. When the material is tattooed, it must be demagnetized before administration and once it attaches well on the skin, the material (ink) can be re-magnetized using an external magnet.  While the concept is very innovative, it is a little hard to believe that people would agree to get a permanent Nokia tattoo.

Actually, the idea behind magnetic sensing is nothing new. Previously, some people experimented by embedding a small magnet to the tip of their finger and whenever it passed a strong magnetic field, they can sense it. It was sensitive enough that they could even tell whether an electrical wire was live or not. Haptic technology has been researched by some firms in order to enhance senses. For example, a technology demonstrator device called FeelSpace belt allows wearer to have a sense of direction artificially. It can be closely integrated to someone’s psychology that can make directions feel more like tangible objects.

It remains to be seen whether the patent application will be granted. Even if it does, Nokia may not have a plan to implement it on their products.

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