Nokia 808 PureView

Future Lumia Windows Phone Models Will Come Equipped With PureView Technology

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Nokia 808 PureViewNokia has confirmed that upcoming Lumia smartphones will boast the PureView, an innovative camera technology. The Pureview technology was unveiled at MWC (Mobile World Congress) and allows the 8Mp rear-facing camera on Nokia 808 to produce decent 41Mp images. PureView combines Nokia-developed algorithms, high-performance optics and high-resolution sensors to create enhanced imaging experience on smartphones. Unfortunately, only a few people are keen on the Symbian used in 808, Nokia’s in-house mobile platform. On the other hand, Windows Phone OS was praised by experts for its unique tile-based interface.

The company promises to reveal more interesting features in future, but for the moment it’s still focused on rolling out the Symbian-based Nokia 808 PureView. It is expected that Microsoft will offer sneak peek of the Windows Phone 8 OS on June 20th and it’s also rumored that Bing Maps will be replaced by Nokia Maps 3D, bringing both companies closer than ever in the mobile industry.

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