Samsung Galaxy S3 Compared to iPhone 5

Foxconn’s Boss: Samsung Galaxy S3 is Nothing Compared to iPhone 5

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Samsung Galaxy S3 Compared to iPhone 5Those who are thinking of getting the Samsung Galaxy S3 may need to think again as Hon Hai’s CEO recently revealed in an annual shareholders’ meeting that Apple’s upcoming smartphone, the iPhone 5 will put Galaxy S3 to shame. Foxconn is a long-time Apple’s partner and it surely has an interest in hyping the upcoming iPhone model, which is based on historical patterns, may arrive in October this year. It is quite apparent from his statements that Gou may have some gripes with the South Korean phone maker and he reportedly said that Samsung has a dubious track record of snitching the competition.

At times, Gou wasn’t particularly careful with his words and his statements sometimes landed him in hot water. In January this year, he compared Foxconn’s workforce from the mainland China with “animals”. Hon Hai Precision Industry is one of the largest consumer electronic OEM manufacturers in the world, with Foxconn as one of its subsidiary.

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  • Henrik

    Who cares if Android users are "free" and can adjust their phones more, when the results of that is phones that are not as smooth and not as user friendly. On top of that I can, as a develoepr for mobiles, list many, many more reasons why I wouldn't buy an Android rather than an iPhone. iPhone have made a phone that may be locked to one home screen, but it works so damn good and all the high quality apps makes iPhone way better than Androids today.

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