Foxconn iPhone 5 Hardest Handset to Build

Foxconn Admits That The iPhone 5 is The Hardest Handset to Build

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Foxconn iPhone 5 Hardest Handset to BuildFoxconn is probably the most important maker in the mobile industry and it is now taking orders from many major companies, including Apple and Samsung. Many blamed Foxconn for supply shortage of the iPhone 5 and it isn’t the manufacturer’s fault, because obviously, making Apple’s latest smartphone is more difficult. Foxconn recently admitted that the iPhone 5 is the hardest smartphone it has ever made. The company actually allocated some time to learn how to make the device and their productivity gradually increases.

Materials used are what causing the problem, with anodized aluminum, which is vulnerable to scratching. Satisfying both practical and aesthetical requirements is always difficult, but all signs show us that the iPhone 5 sells really well. 5 million units were delivered to buyers in just a few days and the number will continue to grow as the iPhone 5 is delivered to more countries.

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