Four Ugliest Smartphones in 2012

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SmartphonesNo matter how you look at it, ugly is still ugly. These devices were designed with a great deal passion and they have become someone’s “baby” too. But many others considered themselves unlucky enough to ever lay their sight on these gadgets:

1. Huawei Ascend Q:
The oddly-proportioned phone comes with a physical QWERTY keyboard at the bottom and sub-par material quality.

2. LG Intuition:
LG’s response to the Samsung Galaxy Note is so large that and it’s nearly impossible to hold with its awkward 4:3 aspect ratio.

3. Motorola Photon Q:
It is another Sprint’s grotesque handset with huge keyboard and touchscreen display. The gigantic smartphone comes with some odd angles, which make the Photon Q looks like something poorly planned.

4. Nokia 808 PureView:
The 808 PureView is a technologically impressive smartphone with its 41Mp camera. Unfortunately, the phone looks very chunky, while the camera creates an ugly lump behind the phone. In addition, the Symbian OS is outdated enough that it warrants to be avoided.

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