Four Distinct Advantages of Samsung Galaxy Note

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Samsung Galaxy Note is one of the most unique Android devices in the market. Although it is a bit too bulky to be a smartphone, it still falls short of being a real tablet. Regardless of its true identity, these are five distinct advantages of Samsung Galaxy Note.

  • Huge HD display – The Samsung Galaxy Note packs in a massive screen. What’s even better, its screen is based on the Super-AMOLED Plus. The technology offers richer colors and deeper blacks. All in all, the huge 720p screen is a joy to behold. Complex webpages, HD videos and high resolution images are well displayed owing to its high resolution.
  • S-pen – Inside its svelte chassis, the Samsung Galaxy Note hides a special tool. The S-pen is more than just a dumb stylus. It allows users to make notes, write and sketch straight away on the screen, thanks to its ability to distinguish 128 different pressure points. The S-pen can also invoke notepad anywhere in the operating system and take screen capture.
  • Long battery life – Looking at the huge display and incredibly fast internals, it is easy to suspect that the Samsung Galaxy Note is disappointing in the battery life department. However, it turns out that quasi-tablet is a stunning device, with its 2500 mAh power pack. Repeated tests show that the phone can play a continuous loop of video clip for more than 8 hours.
  • The best multimedia phone – Samsung Galaxy Note combines the 5″ AMOLED display with an 8Mp camera (1080p), fast processor and fantastic battery life. A formula that is difficult to beat.

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  • JB Quigley

    This phone needs to come to the US and be available in 4G LTE compliant and have ICE! My company is ready to order 50. Come on Samsung/Verizon, what are you both waiting for??? We will no longer use Blackberry as they no longer care about giving business what we really need.

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