Forrester Research: Apple May Eventually Decline

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As analysts and experts are trying to out-do one another by releasing highly optimistic predictions on Apple’s future, the CEO of Forrester Research said that the company is doomed to return to mediocrity, just like where it was 15 years ago. The death of Steve Jobs may cause Apple to decelerate; this prediction mirrors arguments many people made days after Job’s passing. Many agree that Apple’s success owed much to Job’s vision, charisma and willingness to take huge risks. Sony is a good example of a giant, rudderless corporation that is slowly descending into an eventual decline. In 2000, the Japan-based electronics giant was valued at $120 billion and now is worth less than $17 billion.

Although Tim Cook is often described as being competent and proven, Forrester’s chief argued that the iPhone’s maker may need another charismatic figure to sustain its growth. For Apple, this wouldn’t be easy; any charismatic leader wouldn’t be suitable as his approach may mismatch with company’s current culture.

A great company led by a good leader may progressively slide down into a good company; while a series of competent leaders with bureaucratic/legal approach is often not enough to prevent natural decline in product innovation and revenues growth in a highly competitive industry. It happened to Sony.

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