Former Apple CEO: Apple Should Make Very Cheap iPhone Model

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Cheap iPhone ModelIt has been previously rumored that Apple is developing a more affordable iPhone model to meet demands in the lower-end segment. Demands for latest iPhone models are weakening in developed countries after saturation point is reached. On the other hands, manufacturers, such as Samsung, are strongly entrenched in emerging markets with their affordable Android-based models.

John Sculley, who served as Apple’s CEO for 10 years, between 1980’s and 1990’s, said that Apple should release much more affordable devices, perhaps even as cheap as $100.

Sculley’s comment is well timed as Apple’s stocks recently dropped due to reports on low iPhone 5 demand. He said that while there’s nothing wrong with the iPhone 5, competing smartphone models is closing the gap technologically and even better in some respects, such as display size and screen resolution. Sculley admitted that Samsung is a very good competitor and now, there are far less differentiations between latest Galaxy and iPhone models.

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