Floome Smartphone-Based Breathalyzer Promises Useful, Innovative Features

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Floome BreathalyzerDriving after drinking is the sole reasons of so many road accidents and it’s a good thing that finally someone has figured out the need of adding a breathalyzer to smartphones. Indiegogo has set a funding goal of $135,000 to be reached on June. The Floome breathalyzer is promised to arrive with sleek Italian design and professional-grade accuracy.

Drinkers can breathe into the smartphone and immediately obtain prediction how long they need to wait until they can take another test and hopefully, drive again. Calculation is based on a number of factors such as gender, weight and height.

There’s also an accompanying app that offers a number of useful information such as how they can get a cab. It is also possible to send results about how drunk the drivers are, to warn their family members or close friends.

The inventor said that the initial funding is needed to manufacture early batch of the product and obtain requirements for certification.

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