Windows Phone 8

Five Important New Features of Windows Phone 8

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Windows Phone 8Microsoft Windows Phone 8 is released recently and it will provide tighter integration with desktop PCs. The new OS version will support third party apps using C and C++, which will make development and porting easier. In addition, these are new enhancements that will arrive to Windows Phone 8 devices:

  • Support for high-end hardware, such as multi-core processors and three new screen resolutions, 800 x 400, 1280 x 768 and 1290 x 720., as well as removable microSD card.
  • Internet Explorer 10, which features faster Javascript performance, better malware blocking and HTML5 support.
  • Better support for NFC, not only for Windows Phone 8 smartphone, but also tablets and netbooks.
  • Nokia’s advanced mapping technology with offline support, NAVTEQ data, turn by turn directions and map control for developers.
  • Better business solutions, which support the use of BYOD, secure booting and enterprise-level encryption. All new homescreen featuring Metro-style UI, with tiles for social media, email inbox, real-time update from calendars and others. Users can remove and add tiles as well as choosing size, colors and number of tiles.

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